Ritual Steel ORLANDO

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Fri, Aug 19 2022 6:00 PM EST Sun, Aug 21 2022 5:00 PM EST

Ritual Steel is a transformative ritual piercing event intended to provide a unique and educational experience, as well as a “first look” for many people into the world of body-stress rituals.

This iteration of Ritual Steel is being held in conjunction with The Woodshed Orlando, and thanks to their generosity with space availability, we will include additional activities. 

Open to any consenting adult who purchases a ticket for Ritual Steel, the event is structured to provide a unique experience based on the needs of each participant. Through piercing, weights, hook pulls, cheek spears, flesh suspensions, and other piercing rituals, the producers of Ritual Steel will work with the participants to provide coming-of-age transformation, catharsis, rebirth, and other energetic or spiritual revelations through extreme sensory experiences. 

Typically, Ritual Steel events are anchored by a workshop, social, and ritual. In Orlando, we will have a number of additions both before and after the "main event".

The Friday evening workshop is open to everyone ($25 charge for non-weekend-ticket holders), and will cover the basic history of hooks in a modern context as well as a piercing demo. The intent is  to demystify the physical aspects and also share experiences and information that may help you choose your energetic adventure for the weekend.  Additionally, we will discuss intention setting for Ritual and a participatory Salt ritual and the "official" altar opening, allowing participants to begin establishing connections for the coming events and establish intent.  

Immediately following this workshop we will transition into a Meet-and-Greet social, and those who are interested in suspending will meet with the piercing team.  

The meet-and-greet social on Friday evening is for all participants, witnesses, and their friends to meet and mingle. Ritual Steel staff will be available to answer questions and make connections with other participants as well.  Any remaining tickets for the weekend will also be available for purchase at this time.  

Saturday at noon the doors will open to participants, and we will begin with a ritual opening promptly at 1pm.  Once the ritual opening is conducted, piercing stations will be available for any of the following:  

- Hook pulls: Generally two hooks in the chest or back, but other locations are available; talk to your piercer.  The hooks are tied with a length of line and a carabiner. Once pierced, participants may choose to attach their carabiner to anything they wish (weights, overhead chains, solid objects, other people’s carabiners), gradually increasing the tension on their piercings to achieve their desired sensory experience.

-Third eye piercing:  A needle placed vertically in the flesh between the eyes and capped with a small cork.  Opens the third eye chakra to allow altered/energetic vision. 

-Cheek spears: Used as a physical manifestation of a vow of silence. Being “unable” to speak can completely change the nature of the experience.  A Single 6” needle inserted through both cheeks and capped with a cork.  Limited availability. 

-Throat piercing.  Opens the throat chakra to give voice to the energy. Energetically, this is the pposite of the cheek spear. May be done with a needle or hook, but hook allows for pulling.

-Ball/bell dance:  Weights, bells, or other items sutured onto the skin with monofilament to provide additional sensation when dancing to the drums and music with other participants.  Note that you will need to provide the weights; these may be lemons/limes, fishing weights, bells, etc.  In the case of fruits, please pre-rig these with paracord (pierce the fruit, run cord through, tie a knot) to create a hanging loop that we can tie to.

The Hook Pull will include a combination of live drumming and pre-recorded music.  Overall, the Ritual typically lasts from 3-4 hours, and will conclude with a brief closing.


On Sunday at noon doors will open again and after a brief discussion we will perform multiple suspensions.  All RS participants are welcome and encouraged to attend and provide energy to the space for those who choose to take flight.

Suspensions involve 2 or more larger gauge hooks in the body, with a guided experience to help the participant get off the ground and “fly”.  This individualized focus requires significantly more time and piercing resources per person, and will require a surcharge on top of the normal ticket price.  

At 4pm Sunday we will conclude with a Ritual Steel follow-up discussion/Q&A for all participants, and formally close the altar, bringing a close to our weekend. We ask that all RS participants attend this final closing if they are able.  

By request, there are Friday-only tickets available for the workshop. Those people who purchase workshop-only tickets will be afforded the opportunity to add-on the remainder of the weekend, if any spots remain.  There are a total of 60 Ritual Steel participant tickets available for Saturday/Sunday which may be purchased for $75 in advance, or $90 on site Friday after the workshop.  Suspensions are an additional $150, paid at the time of piercing.  There is no guarantee to the total number of suspensions we will be able to facilitate beyond the first two.  Those who are interested in suspending must be present Friday to meet with the piercing team.  

Please note that protocols regarding COVID-19 are constantly evolving, and in addition to our own level of protection, RS will remain compliant with whatever protective mandates are in place at the Woodshed for the duration of the event.  This may include vaccine requirements, masks, or other protective measures. Specific details will be provided closer to the event.  

For more information about Ritual Steel you can email Duke, Mita, and Tonya at [email protected], or contact us on Fetlife in the RS Group or our "user" profile RitualSteel.